Thursday, October 24, 2013

Technical Notes - How to Have the Best Experience Possible with Blackboard

As the Fall2 term gets underway, we’d like to remind everyone that Firefox is the only browser certified for use with Blackboard. If you’re using other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari you might experience issues with items not displaying correctly or working properly. Switching to Firefox alleviates most of these types of issues. What’s more, it’s a free download so it’s no cost to you to make the switch.

Download Firefox for Windows
Download Firefox for Mac

On a related note, all major browsers have implemented a security feature which blocks content when there is both secure and unsecure content on a page. For example, that might mean you can’t view a video that is supposed to be part of your course content. In Firefox you can identify this is happening when you see a small “shield” icon in your address bar.

You can allow mixed content on the page by clicking on the shield icon and selecting "Disable Protection on This Page":

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